ISAC Training

Becoming an Accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker

Paladin knows that training professionals in stalking specialist advocacy, risk assessment and understanding the new law is vital to supporting victims of stalking and is critical to saving lives and reducing impact. In some cases, stalking can lead to physical and sexual violence and sometimes murder.

This is why we have developed an accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker (ISAC) training course with the University of Brighton. This training will enable Paladin to establish a network of ISACs across the UK as satellites to the national service which will save lives, give victims quality of life and reduce levels of isolation.

Why do we need ISACs?

There are a significant number of stalking cases where the victim did not have a relationship with the perpetrator. Currently, there is no service to support, advise and help such victims, except Paladin - this is a major gap in public protection and we want to ensure that this gap is filled.

We are the first stalking advocacy service to have a specialist team dedicated to younger people, aged 16 - 25 years old, where our specialist knowledge and length of experience allows us to safety navigate victims through the criminal justice system, break down any barriers they may have and assist the police and other agencies throughout an investigation, whilst keeping the voice of the victim at the forefront.

This training will save lives... and money

This training enables us to establish a network of ISACs across the UK as satellites to the national service which will save lives, give victims quality of life and reduce levels of isolation. It is vital that there is a network of specialists locally to ensure victims are given the right advice and supported through the Criminal Justice System, much the same as Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs).

It is important that there are more ISACs across the UK as their specialist knowledge and advocacy is vital in keeping victims and their children safe. In the long term it will save both lives and money.

What service will ISACs provide to Victims of Stalking?

  • Trauma informed support to validate your experience
  • Advice and information so informed decisions can be made
  • Advocacy to ensure your voice is heard and the risk is recognised by professional
  • Risk assessment and individualised safety planning
  • Support through the Criminal and Civil Courts process
  • Access to stalking trauma support group

Become an Accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker!

Applications are now open for October 2024!

The course will run over the following dates;

Day 1 Introduction to Stalking 1st October 2024

Day 2 Assessing Risk 2nd October 2024

Day 3 Civil Courts/ Typologies of the Stalker 9th October 2024

Day 4 Police/ Probation 16th October 2024

Day 5 CPS/Digital Stalking 5th November 2024

Day 6 CJS Remedies/ Recap 13th November 2024

Day 7 Impact of Stalking 20th November 2024

Day 8 Advocacy 26th November 2024

Day 9 Psychological impact of trauma and selfcare 27th November 2024

ISAC Training

What does the Training at Paladin look like?

What do ISACs do?

The role of an Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker (ISAC) is to support those who are at risk and experiencing stalking behaviours, advocate on their behalf and provide safety planning as part of a risk-lead service.

ISACs work closely with police, probation, local authorities, Crown Prosecution Service and local support agencies.

This course is designed for those who:

  • Have one year experience working on the frontline with clients experiencing abuse.
  • Come into contact with victims of stalking both domestic violence related and non-domestic violence related.
  • Manage those working with clients experiencing abuse and hold a caseload.

Unit 1: Introduction to Stalking
Unit 2: Assessing Risk
Unit 3: Police / Typologies of the Stalker
Unit 4: Day 4 CPS / The Courts and Civil Orders
Unit 5: Probation / Digital Stalking
Unit 6: Re-cap / CJS Remedies
Unit 7: Impact of Stalking / Stalking and Young People
Unit 8: Advocacy
Unit 9: Psychological impact of trauma / self care


Application during:

Application during: 18.07.2024 - 30.08.2024

Training Dates:

01.10.2024 - 27.11.2024


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