Stalking is not love

Paladin Young People Services

Are you aged between 16 and 24 and think you are being stalked?

Are any of these things happening to you?

  • Is somebody not taking no for an answer?
  • Are you having trouble with an ex boyfriend/girlfriend ?
  • Scared of someone who won’t leave you alone?
  • Frightened someone wants to hurt you? Are they making threats?
  • Getting constant unwanted calls and texts?
  • Being constantly contacted online, maybe by fake profiles?
  • Are you being followed or noticing someone loitering about your home, college, uni, workplace, etc?
  • Are they sending you unwanted β€˜gifts’?

All these things could be seen as stalking. On their own it might not seem like anything significant but if what's happening has left you feeling scared or uncomfortable as the person wont stop, it might be time to speak to someone and get some advice about it

Call Paladin and ask to chat to our Young Peoples Team or email us!

Want to become an ambassador for Paladin NSAS?

We always welcome young people to be vocal and learn more about the prevention of stalking and raising awareness for our work. Youth Ambassadors have done a vast array of voluntary work in the past, we would love to have you on board as well!

Our Services and Advice

The Young Peoples Team offer support to young people aged 16 -24 years who are experiencing stalking. The stalking could be from an ex, a neighbour, an acquaintance, a friend, family member, a colleague or a stranger.

πŸ‘ Trust your instincts (We find that there is no such thing as coincidence with stalking).

πŸ’¬ Tell people who are SAFE to tell, as it helps protect you and evidence the stalking (e.g. neighbours, friends, work colleagues, tutors, family)

✍ Keep a diary and record the impact the stalking is having on you (you can use our diary template insert link)

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Keep the evidence – as much evidence as you can, including call logs, images, message chats, screenshots, etc.

πŸ“ž We advise not to change your number or block on social media as this may increase the risk to you and impact evidence gathering.

πŸ’‘ Park/walk in well-lit areas.

πŸ“ Vary your routes to and from work/college/Uni & be vigilant.

πŸ” Google yourself to check your digital footprint frequently

πŸ” Change passwords often and do not use the same password for everything

❀️ Be aware of tagging on social media and have a look at your default and privacy settings on social media platforms and apps.

πŸ’» Keep your software on phones, laptops up to date

πŸ“² Download Hollie guard app:

The app for your smart phone enables you to link it up with safe people, when frightened/feeling uneasy you can shake your device which will set off an alert to your safe people advising them of where you are, it also starts to video record.

Where can you get help when somebody is stalking you?

Paladin operates a national referral service for victims of stalking that are assessed as being at high risk of harm aswell as but we suport .

❗️ Allthough we currently only take on only high risk cases we do speak to all victims of stalking that call us, offering one off safety advice and sign posting to local appropriate services.

So feel free to give us a call πŸ“ž you'll find our number in the menu bar πŸ‘†.

🚨 If you are in danger, call 999! 🚨

Paladin NSAS Support can include:

  • Listening to you and your fears
  • Safety planning
  • Looking at online safety
  • Supporting you to access support from other professionals and support services
  • Work with you to speak with your workplace or college/university
  • Supporting you to contact the police and advocating on your behalf

Nobody has go suffer alone and in silence!