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NAME it. REPORT it. STOP it.

Stalking is a crime .

We can assure you that most police officers want to help, but they sometimes have not had access to the tools and training needed. They may not understand how frightening it is when it is happening to you. You may be told that unless there is physical violence or threats to harm made it is not so serious, we know that this is not the case.

Unsure if you are a victim of stalking?

Consider the the widely used acronym FOUR that can help identify stalking. Is the beahviour fixated, obsessive, unwanted & repeated?

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If you are experiencing stalking, please do not suffer in silence

Paladin provides advice to all individuals of stalking that contact our service. Survivors can contact us directly or be referred via professionals. If you are in danger call 999!

Our 6 Golden Rules:

Report it as early as possible to the police and tell others what is happening

Ensure you get good practical advice

Proactive evidence collection - keep all the evidence

Overview of what is happening - keep a diary

Risk Checklist - complete the Stalking Risk and Needs screening questions

Trust your instinct

Are you aged between 16 and 25 and think you are being stalked?

If whats happening in your life has left you feeling scared or uncomfortable as the person won't stop, it might be time to speak to someone and get some advice about it.

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Our Advice for ...

No matter if you are a victim of stalking or just a friend: trust your instincts and stay safe.

Reporting Stalking or Harassment?

We know the impcat of stalking can be long lasting and devastating. It can prevail every aspect of your life, leaving you doubting yourself. It can make you hypervigilant not quite sure when you are safe. Isolated from family and friends as despite trying to help they may underestimate the risks or the impact it has.
You may have been told to ignore it and it will go away, that it's just a coincidence. That no threats have been so there's so nothing can be done, that it's not serious, it's just phone calls or text messages or unwanted gifts. You may have been told you should be flattered or it's romantic.

We know that this is not the case. Stalking can be difficult for people and professionals to recognise as often the individual acts appear non-threatening or insignificant. However, the law is quite clear.

We know victims will experience on average over 100 incidents before reporting to the Police.

If you feel you are a victim of stalking read through our 6 Golden Rules and go through some of the advice below on how you can report to the police and increase your safety.

If you feel you need further support please complete the referral

Our 6 Golden Gules
Effective Gathering of Evidence
Practical Steps to increase Safety
Cyber Safety/Stay safe online
S-Dash Risk Assessment Checklist

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